About Us


CIOP is a unique hands-on training program for investment operations professionals by professionals

With our 25 years of experience in the securities operations markets, we know how important it is to keep your knowledge and skillset up to date. The CIOP.Academy curriculum is designed to provide students with a combination of theoretical insights and practical applications. The courses are developed and given by experienced professionals who work in the industry as Investment Managers, Private Wealth Managers, Asset Servicers (amongst others). The content is updated constantly based on the latest insights, regulatory changes, and specific applications we see in the market. That makes the courses accessible and the acquired knowledge can be directly applied in your day-to-day job. This curriculum is specifically suitable for employees in the Securities Operations domain, IT and Change, Finance, Operational Risk Management and Audit.

The securities operations market is constantly changing and new technology is being applied more and more. To fully apprehend the impact of these changes and new technology, it is important to understand the basics of Financial Markets, its instruments and the operational processes that run the ecosystem.
In the CIOP curriculum, we first lay the foundation by looking at the financial market; what is it actually? Which parties do we recognize? What financial instruments are there and how do they work? Then attention to the processes, systems and technology. What about AI applications and, for example, fund transactions based on blockchain technology?

Students that enroll for the CIOP training program will not only be able to learn the necessary subjects and pass the exams, but are also able to translate these into practice, including by writing a structured article. Upon successful completion of the CIOP program, the students will be registered in the CIOP register that is kept by CFA Society Netherlands. The continuing education program safeguards the knowledge acquired by registered members.

The CIOP register and the CIOP brand are owned by CFA Society Netherlands which is part of the network of CFA Institute.