Cookie Policy

CIOP.Academy uses cookies. In this Cookie Policy CIOP.Academy describes how CIOP.Academy uses cookies. The purpose of the Cookie Policy is to give the user of the services an overview of the objectives for which CIOP.Academy uses cookies and the choices you have with regard to the cookie-settings.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file stored on your electronic device by a web browser. More information can be found on

How do we use cookies

Analytical Cookies

CIOP.Academy makes use of Analytical Cookies on our website, like a statcounter and google analytics. These cookies help to provide information on how the website works. These cookies collect data anonymously. 

Functional Cookies

CIOP.Academy uses Functional Cookies in relation to the use of the Service. CIOP.Academy uses session-cookies. CIOP.Academy makes use of session-cookies so that users can more easily stay logged into the application. These tokens are encrypted and thus can only be read by the server side


CIOP.Academy can update the Cookie Policy from time to time. CIOP.Academy shall contact you in an appropriate manner depending on the circumstances.


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